Your vision controls the health of your company…

I love seeing business in action. Today, I went to Publix’s dairy plant for a tour. It is incredible to see how efficient a company can operate. However, the highlight was how they started off the tour. They started off by talking about the beginning of the company. Publix Supermarkets was started by George Jenkins in 1930 in Winter Haven, Florida. He had an idea to treat his customers and employees better when he opened his first store.

Having previously been an employee at Publix, I truly believe that George Jenkins’ vision hass caused the company to grow into over a thousand retail locations over the last eight decades.

Your vision is the lifeblood of your company and / or team. Are you reminding yourself and your employees why you do what you do? Do they believe in your mission? Are they sold out to taking care of the customer? If not, you may need to check your lifeblood for a virus that can bring your company down.

– Catalyst John