You do not have time to not have time!

When was the last time you took a real vacation?  When was the last time you were at the gym?  Do I dare ask how is that healthy eating going?  How is that bank account; are you spending your money wisely?  Did you finish the last book you started?  Is your spouse your companion or just a roommate?  When is the last time you took your kids to the park and turned off your cell phone?

Your life needs balance.  You small business needs you, the leader, to have balance.  You cannot afford to let things get out of balance or you will negatively influence your business.

Make sure that you are healthy spiritually, mentally, physically, and emotionally.  Most of us have lives that consist of five main “spokes.”  Our relationship with God, our relationship with others, our relationship with our health, our relationship with our finances, and our relationship with work.  If you allow your “spokes” to get out of balance, you will soon be heading for a crash.

You do not have time to not have time for these four areas outside of work.

Your work will suffer.  Your income will suffer.  Your friendships will suffer.  If you do not start adjusting for success now, you will once one spoke that is out of alignment causes you to crash.

The fastest cars are race cars.  They are designed with incredible precision.  They are tuned specifically for each race.  I want your business to be like a race car; a well oiled performance machine.  Just remember that like the race cars, you have to spend time off the track so that you can succeed on the track.

– Catalyst John