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Yet, I will not fail, as the others, for in my hands I now hold the charts, which will guide me through the perilous waters to the shores, which only yesterday seemed but a dream.

Og Mandino, The Greatest Secret


I am the captain of my ship. I have stood confidently with my hands gripping the wheel of the vessel and guiding it towards our destination as it crashed through the waves underneath. You can’t erase the memories of the smell of the ocean, the wind trying to rip off your hat, and how the sea spray catches your face.

Today, I am the captain of a different ship and the “charts and maps” are slightly different. As the entrepreneur, you are the captain of your very own ship and the seas of entrepreneurship can be rough. “Yet, I will not fail, as the others, for in my hands I now hold the charts, which will guide me through the perilous waters to the shores, which only yesterday seemed but a dream.”


I have left behind the dream stage. In 2012, I wanted to jump off the edge of the cliff of fear and launch a business that encompassed my purpose in my life. I celebrate December 12, 2012 because it was the day I left my old life (and career) behind. Like Cortés, I burned my ships so I could never focus on retreat, but only focus on growing this business. In February of 2013, I landed my first client. I love the fact that even though we no longer meet each month, he is a dear friend and we still keep in touch often.

Since that first meeting in Starbucks, I have grown this coaching business from a guy who met you at the coffee shop to the guy coaching his first international client in just twenty two months.

Can you imagine leaving the “dream” stage? Can you imagine the day when you stop working too hard to still be broke or that day when you wake up and you have just a little too much money in your business account? Can you imagine when your dream business finances that lifestyle you desire so much?


In 2013, I renewed my vows with the lovely Mrs. Catalyst. We celebrated ten years of marriage in the middle of Times Square. Looking into my wife’s eyes and expressing my undying love to her was probably the most amazing experience of my life. I would not have had the moment if I had continued in my career as a cop. However, leaving the career that was killing my soul opened up some doors we never even imagined.

If you want more from your business and life, I have been there and I want to stand shoulder to shoulder with you as you find your purpose, execute the right strategic plan for your business, and create massive profit. The first step is to simply book a free phone call with me.

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– Catalyst John, Business Growth and Launch Strategist


A struggle I experienced prior to the coaching session was determining was to monetize the brand and now I have clear direction on how to move past it.

– Jen Moff, The Jen Moff

If you want your business to be mediocre then you should ignore connecting with Catalyst John at all costs!

– Jared Easley, Starve the Doubts

The very first event in which I implemented Catalyst John’s advice, I made more money than I had from any of the events that I had put on the previous 7 months!

– Jill Smith, Juicing with Jill

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an agent that provokes or speeds significant change or action

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the entrepreneur’s secret weapon

48 Days Certified Coach | Catalyst John

It’s really been a blast to watch how quickly you got in the game. You know that is a real key thing. I mean just getting the head knowledge is one thing, but to be able to put feet to the floor and take the action. Not everyone does that. Man, you have been a blazer, a trailblazer in doing that. I commend you on that.

– Dan Miller, NY Times Best Selling Author and Coach