Why you can’t give up being healthy or entrepreneurship

I’ve been sharing with you my struggle with my weight. I have failed numerous times. Even though I am truly committed to success, I know that my ability to stay focused on this doesn’t go that well.

As I went for my morning walk today, I was thinking about how long will this last… Will I make it into a habit or will I get distracted and veer off the course. Even though I hate to admit it, I know that I have wanted to improve my health since 2003. I started training to be on my agency’s SWAT team with a guy named Martin. However, I got married in August of 2003 and I didn’t continue training after my honeymoon.

If we were to talk about my desire to get fit…

Would you tell me to quit?

Would you tell me that I tried and failed and it was time to give up the dream?

Would you tell me that I just didn’t have it inside of me to living a healthy, active life?

I don’t think you would. How do you tell someone to not be a better version of themselves.

My next statement will offend some, but entrepreneurship is the same. How can you tell someone that they need to give up their dream? Or tell them that they just don’t have what it takes?

Why would you quit your dream? I’m not telling you to abandon your responsibilities or make excuses, but if you are truly sold out on a dream why would you not fight for it with all your soul?

Why would you ever give up? How can you put a quantity on the number of attempts that you have before you give up?

I believe that you don’t get to quit your dream. You may have to hustle on the side of your day job and push yourself to the very limits of your being, but you take another step every single day.

If you want to talk about your dream, I’d love for you to schedule a call with me (did I mention it is FREE?)

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One thought on “Why you can’t give up being healthy or entrepreneurship

  1. I share the same struggle with fitness. It hasn’t been back since 2003 (although I also got married that year), but I really started to gain the weight starting in 2008. I started in the 190’s, then up into the 200’s. By 2010, I was in the 230’s. I did lose about 25 pound later that year, but I gained it back the next year. I’ve worked my way close to 260 now.

    I’ve had ups and downs with entrepreneurial ideas, too. Most of them “failed.” But each time, I have been able to learn a little bit more. I’m currently pursuing a direction I didn’t really plan, but it looks much more promising.

    This summer is going to be the time for me to focus on both of these things. My schedule will cut back some that should help me to focus more on these.