What would you do…???

What would you do if you inherited seven million dollars?  How would your life change?

This is one of the best questions to ask yourself when you are planning out your future.  Really try to visualize what would you change in your life.  Ask yourself questions like this:

Where would I live?

Who would I take out to lunch?

Who would I meet for coffee to pick their brain?

Who would I invest in?

Where would I volunteer at?

What business idea would I fund?

Who would I go train with?

What event have I always wanted to attend, but never could?

What charity would receive a huge donation?

Who would you hire for your team?

Now here is the tricky part and this is the part that will change your life…  Start making these things happen today.  You don’t need 7 million dollars.  You just need a target!

– Catalyst John