What multiplies your expertise

I am part of the “expert industry.” One of my biggest goals is to be an expert. I study to be an expert. I read to be an expert. I schedule my life around being an expert.

Therefore, I find it interesting (and possibly ironic) how some “experts” try to avoid being “the expert.”

An expert shouldn’t tell you that they are an “expert.” (The secret is to let others through a testimonial – they seriously have this whole system). Note: I shouldn’t even tell you that I am part of the “expert industry” – bad play on my part.

In private the experts strive to be the best possible expert, but in public they try to be humble and say that they are just like you (even though you are trying to be just like them).

But there is another side to this.

The other night, my wife and I were blessed to be the dinner guest of Lady J. (FYI – she is an amazing expert.) We went to an amazing restaurant at the recommendation of a friend. I may have had the best steak of my life.

We were welcomed by a very friendly host and escorted into an amazing dining room. The waitress was amazing. Her level of service was top level. The chef plated food that was beyond belief. Everything about the atmosphere was designed for an amazing meal.

The employees of this restaurant were experts, but they were also servers. The host, waitress, kitchen staff, and chef were all about serving us an amazing dining experience and meal.

I praise great service, especially from a restaurant. I don’t get upset when they strive to be experts at service.

This is where you rise above the rest and distinguish yourself and your business. When you multiple your expertise with service you create more for your clients to embrace.

Take some time and make sure that your business is focused on being customer-centric. Even though mastery of your industry specialty is always going to be a huge focus of your business, you also must consistently spend energy focused on the customer.

The way to explode in business is to make sure that your business model is designed around your clients. Become an expert on how you serve your clients.


– Catalyst John