What is in your hand?

I am very blessed to have an office that is walking distance from my apartment.  As I’m walking to work today, I am thinking about what it is that I am carrying.  The last things I grabbed as I walked out the door was the book I am currently reading (Secrets of the Millionaire Mind) and about a quarter of a case of water (I need to hydrate).


What was in my hands was no accident.  Both are huge priorities for me today.  I’m currently setting out to do a lot of strength training (both mental and physical) in my daily life.  I picked up both items because they are at the forefront of my mind.  Specifically, they are two areas of my life in which I have committed to winning at.


We cannot afford to strive for anything less than the specific actions that will result in achieving our specific desires.  We cannot afford to be complacent with anything that does not guarantee a return on our investment of attention, time, and money.   I’m not saying that we can’t enjoy a luxury or two, but I am saying that our results reflect our actions.  Everyone harvests the fruits of their due diligence or their laziness.


You are surrounded by an overwhelming amount of evidence of what will occur in your future right now.  What you carry with you in your hands, your briefcase, your purse, or like me a backpack will show you if you are headed down the path of success or not!

– Catalyst John