What is anchoring your business?

I went for a walk this morning and I passed a park that has two giant anchors at the entrance. It is pretty cool because instead of a fence, they use the anchor chains to “rope” off the area.

What is anchoring your business?

This made me think about what is the anchor holding down your business? I remember being a naive entrepreneur that was easily blown here and there by the wind. I had no solid anchor and I lacked a solid plan. Today, I have a much different outlook than I did a decade ago. The anchors in Catalyst John are connected to the core of this business.

There are too many distractions that we encounter each and every day to survive if our businesses don’t each have at least one solid anchor to hold us steady and in the right place.

You need to grab a pen and some paper and answer the question:

What is anchoring my business?

Next, are your actions as the entrepreneur behind the business consistent with that anchor or anchors?


Catalyst John