What I really need…

Whenever anyone does anything, it appears everyone close wants to “help”.  They love giving advice, they love criticizing, & they love talking about what you are doing.  However, they missed the one thing that you actually need.

You just need their support.

They don’t realize that you already have dreamed it, planned it, and are working on it.  They forget that late at night and early in the morning you are missing sleep because of fear and / or possibility.  They forget that you adjust your hours so you have more time to actually work on your business.  They ignore the times you have to pass on that awesome group outing because you have more unfinished work for the week.

What you want them to know is that you are doing it and you just need them to show support.  You just want them to tell you that they believe that you are going to make it.  You do not need to be reminded that it is a rough road ahead of you, but instead that you are nearing the top.

Entrepreneurs just need your support.

This is not written for the entrepreneur, but for their family and friends.  Your entrepreneur just needs your support.  They may not be able to think of how to express this to you.  Be an advocate for success in their lives.  Tell them constantly and consistently that you believe in them.  The road is rough and because they are tripping over those rocks daily they do not need to be reminded of them.  Trust me, they see them.  Therefore, they need to be reminded of where they are going so that they quick focusing on what is surrounding them and instead on where they are going!

Imaging your dining room table without legs to support it.  It would be pretty worthless sitting there on the floor.  It will take a minimum of three legs to raise it and keep it steady.  It needs support for it the be able to serve its purpose.  Your entrepreneur is that table and he or she needs you to to be those legs.

Your words can knock those legs out from underneath them or build them support and steady them.

– Catalyst John

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8 thoughts on “What I really need…

  1. John – rock and roll. When you’re leaving where you’ve always been for where you’re gonna be there will always be those who want to hold you back. As entrepreneurs we have to immediately connect with those who are ahead of us on the path – spending less time on those who are far behind.

    Great message – but no, I won’t waste time sending this to my brothers and sisters. I’m too busy moving forward.

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