What does your morning look like?

I’m wearing a polo and a pair of cargo pants. My heartbeat is accelerated as I step off the bus and look at the building in front of me. A huge Department of Homeland Security seal is right beside the entrance. I’m so excited to be able to train with the DHS and walk into the classroom to find my assigned seat.

On my assigned desk is my name plate, my work materials, a hat, a badge holder with that DHS seal, a set of pens and highlighters, and a notepad (everything I need and some stuff I want). Everything is prepared for me. We sit down and get to work…

The training I have experienced with the DHS is like no other and it has always stuck with me. I want to suggest that you be as intentional with your day as the DHS was with my (and everyone else’s) desk that morning. They set me up for success.

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Before you end your day today, clear of your work space and set it up for the specific actions and results you want to achieve tomorrow.