The Science of Blogging: How to Build a Tribe and Get Over 1000+ Visitors Per Day by Paul Sohn (Review by Catalyst John)

Sometimes you just connect with a certain person. Sometimes this occurs even though you have never met. One of these individuals is Paul Sohn. I pay attention to him and what he is doing and I one day hope to get to meet with him. I would be even more honored to one day be able to call him friend.

Yesterday, I saw that he released a new book and if you know anything about me, you know I love books! Obviously I downloaded the book and this morning I sat down to learn from Paul’s wisdom.

The Science of Blogging: How to Build a Tribe and Get Over 1000+ Visitors Per Day by Paul Sohn

I technically am a blogger because you are reading my blog. However, I am not a great blogger. I would like to change that in 2015 and I do believe that I have the potential to do just that.

I am going to strive to create a blog with 1k in visitors a day by the end of 2015.

For transparency, yesterday I had 16 visitors on my blog (Wednesday, December 18th, 2014).

Also for transparency, I want to state why I want 1k in visitors. Years ago, I struggled with knowing my purpose on this planet. I was in my thirties and I just could not figure out God’s plan. (I still have a lot to learn today, but I do know that I’m on the right path!) I started really searching for an answer and I found it in three simple words…

teach. equip. train.

That is what I do at my core. I am just a guy that is completely sold out to making an impact on those who want to achieve a dream and change their reality. That is where “catalyst” came from. If you want to do more and live audaciously, I want to be your catalyst.

Those three words, “teach. equip. train.”, and a quote from Mark Batterson resulted in a letter of resignation and a leap of faith to launch an entrepreneurial pursuit that would allow me to live my life completely on purpose.

Now that you know my why, let’s jump back into the book.

Paul immediately jumps into what your brand needs which is:

  • defining your brand and identity,
  • developing a very specific focus, and
  • understanding your audience.

As I read Paul’s description of his “typical reader,” I was amazed at how it was a synapsis of me. I thought I always connected with Paul because of what he pushed out, but never thought about how he was pushing out content for a person just like me. By the way, the last description he uses is “wants to make a real difference in this world; to be a catalyst.”


Paul then talks about how what posts work for him and I am reminded that one thing I want to do is to share the lessons I have learned with my audience. I want to share my love for books. I want to teach you strategies and tactics that will help you create success in your life.

Back in my law enforcement career, I was the go to guy for new hires to learn how to become successful cops. It was the most rewarding time of my career.

I want to continue that as I work with entrepreneurs, coaches, and our future experts. It is funny how what we really want is hidden when we are distracted because we are trying to pay attention to the results and not the actions that create the results we desire most!

The two things that I liked most about his book is that he actually teaches you how to achieve success in blogging and he isn’t promising you false hope. On page seven, he reminds that his growth didn’t come from day one, but after three years of blogging.

This post is my first step in taking advantage of his wisdom and applying it to my blog. You should do the same for yours.

Please go to and get your copy of his new eBook by clicking hereHis goal is to get 5,000 people to download it and I think we should help him do just that.

– Catalyst John

FYI – I have to tell you that I am really excited about publishing this blog because it felt more like the blogger I want to be than the blogger I have been. Stay true to your core!