The Impossible Year

The Impossible Year…

I want to live an impossible year.  I want adjectives like unfathomable, incredible, improbable, and impossible to describe this year and every year after.  This is not a passive year and it is definitely not an negative year.  This impossible year is and will continue to be the most unbelievable year of my life.  The best thing is that it that it is just the launching board and what comes after it will make these events pale in comparison.

Why chase the impossible?

Simply because I can.  I don’t have to, but I would never get to experience the things that I do if I didn’t.  I don’t want to just drift through life but have a life that is unimaginable.

Today, I had an incredible surprise.  I received one of my latest book purchases in the mail and there was a hidden treat in the box.  A hand written note from the author, James Woosley, encouraged me to turn to page 17.  Like a child at Christmas, I immediately flipped to page 17 to see the surprise.  However, I was confused because I found some stickers and fun stuff prior to page 17 and wasn’t that what he meant as my surprise?

I continued flipping and then I saw it immediately in the middle of page 17:


“Every day, even your days off, you are either moving towards or away from your dream. – Catalyst John”


Can you imagine being a business coach and buying a book about business and seeing your own name in it?  I had no idea when I purchased the book that I would see that quote, but let me tell you it truly impacted my day and will impact every day that follows it.

What is so amazing about our lives is that we can choose to act or to not act.  We do not have to succeed, but we can.  We do not have to go the extra mile, but we are allowed to.  We do not have to chase our dreams, but no one can stop us.  We do not have to live an impossible life, but it is there for the taking.

I just experienced one of my big crazy dreams today and I can’t wait to experience the next one.  So if you see me, do not dare be confused by what your eyes tell you.  It may not look like it, but whatever you think you see is in reality a man chasing down that next dream.

I don’t know what your big crazy dreams are, but I would love to hear them!  Please post them in the comments section of the blog.

FYI – you can buy the book here: Conquer the Entrepreneur’s Kryptonite.

Catalyst John, Business & Entrepreneur Coach

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page 17

page 17