The entrepreneur aka that crazy dancing guy…

You did it.  You decided to leave the mainstream and become an entrepreneur.  You are that crazy dancing guy…

Everyone is staring at you waiting to see what is going to happen.  Some hope you succeed and others are just waiting for you to fail.  One of the hardest parts of business is to keep on dancing.  It is hard to be that person that is alone in the middle of the field while others just stare and wait.  Just hold onto your dream and keep on dancing.

This video does a great job of representing what happens in business.  Day one you are all alone and that crazy dancing guy.  Then you will get your first customer, then your next…  You don’t know when, but one day you will reach the tipping point.  You get a couple of more customers and a couple more after that and a couple more after that and then…  BAM!  …you are surrounded by a tribe of your clients!

Remember, your clients are out there.  Some are ready to believe in you today.  Some are waiting to see what happens.  Some just haven’t noticed you yet, but they will.

So whatever you do, just don’t stop dancing.


Catalyst John, Business & Entrepreneur Coach

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