The Catalyst 100

Hi, my name is Catalyst John and

welcome to the Catalyst 100!

Before I was “Catalyst John,” I was “Deputy John.” Even though I was a cop, I worked in an extremely “corporate” environment and it felt like I was in prison. The worst part was I was serving a voluntary life sentence.

Here is my story…

I’m a young kid in my twenties that somehow convinced a huge grocery chain to hire me to be part of their corporate staff. I’m in the big leagues working for a company that is number 139 on the Fortune 500. I don’t even have to wear a tie. As part of the company culture I can wear polos and khakis every day. They even buy me lunch as long as I eat onsite. Everything is great.

…or at least it is supposed to be…

Get dressed… drive to work… sit at a cubicle… do your work… ignore the “TPS” reports… drive home… rinse and repeat… I sat there at my cubicle and wondered what impact did I have? How was I contributing to society? Was there more to life?

I remember my dad talking about how if he had to do it over again he would have been a cop. It inspires me to join the police academy. I believe that as a civil servant I won’t have that empty feeling anymore since I’ll be serving and impacting my community.

I’m not cut from the cloth that you would expect to produce an Officer of the Law, but I’m going all in. I’m now a cadet in the academy wearing my new uniform and boots. I’m learning about laws and torts, how to handle a firearm (I don’t even know how to shoot a handgun), and how to drive a police car. Let me tell you… even in the academy I knew this beat a cubicle any day of the week.

I fight hard to get my spot with a local agency. For a young baby faced kid, I get fast tracked and I’m on my way towards a promising future and career in law enforcement.

This is an actual picture from work one car has the light bar.

My car is the one with the light bar…

However, something is wrong. Something is very wrong.

Just like my last job, I feel unfulfilled. I want more. I want more from life and from work. I’m searching to find out what I’m missing.

Do you ever just want more?

I wanted a lot more. I wanted to stop living paycheck to paycheck. I wanted to stop working crazy shifts. I wanted to be around my family more. I wanted to be my own boss.

Remember my dad who wanted to be a cop? He was an entrepreneur. I loved that about my dad. He was the kind of dad that worked crazy hours, but was always there. I don’t remember him missing anything that involved me. However, I’m stuck in a job that always takes priority over everything in my life. The worst part is that I’m good at what I do. It is really hard to leave something that you care about even when it is slowly killing you.

Something changed…something really big changed for me. I found my purpose.

My purpose wasn’t elegant. It was simply to train, teach, and equip others to achieve more success in their lives.

I wasn’t supposed to be a cop. I was born to serve others as a coach, as an instructor, as a trainer, and/or as a teacher. I was meant to spend my time helping others make their dreams a reality and learn how to make a profit launching their own businesses.

I was meant to be a catalyst for those who wanted more.

Everything changed when I realized God’s purpose for my life. I mean every single thing changed.

I typed out and submitted my resignation letter and left behind my career of eleven years and eight months.

There are things about the job that I do miss, but I have never missed the job itself.

All of a sudden, I am now free to be the man that God designed me to be.

I am now free to finally thrive.

An amazing thing happens when you find your purpose. You understand how it was always part of everything you did. It was there when I was doing product demonstrations for new computer technology, it was there when I was the lead demonstrator for the Windows 98 Launch party, it was there when I was hired to work in the Education and Training Department of that grocery store, it was there when I was helping friends launch their own businesses, it was there when I was a trainer and instructor as a cop, it was there when I trained with the Department of Homeland Security for crowd management/riots, and it was there when I met Dan Miller and became a coach because I was always helping others achieve more success in their lives.

My decision allowed me to pursue coaching. I had a great start under the mentoring of Dan Miller and I immediately started focusing on coaching entrepreneurs.

So how did I jump from cop to coach? Looking back, I built an amazing resume for business coaching without even realizing it. I was still a teenager when I had held management positions in a restaurant, an automotive repair center, and a comedy club. I also launched my first business as a teenager. I have worked for “mom & pop” businesses, corporate, and the government. I have been just a normal employee, a staff member, management, supervisor, trainer, instructor, satellite employee, and even a contract employee. I have launched and failed in small business. I have also had some amazing success.

I have seen business from the inside and outside. I have spent countless hours studying how to create success in business. I had been coaching other entrepreneurs for years, but in my mind I was just helping the people that I knew.

48 Days Certified Coach | Catalyst John

I dove into coaching with a fire and quickly became one of Dan Miller’s first certified coaches. Click play to hear Dan’s description of my start from a recent podcast!


I’m delighted to watch your development in these new things you are so excited about John. It’s really been a blast to watch how quickly you got in the game. You know that is a real key thing. I mean just getting the head knowledge is one thing, but to be able to put feet to the floor and take the action. Not everyone does that. Man, you have been a blazer, a trailblazer in doing that. I commend you on that. – Dan Miller, NY Times Best Selling Author and Coach


My story ends and begins with you.

I want you to thrive in the business you need to launch or the business that you have already launched. I want to help you overcome the obstacles that every business owner faces. I’m here to help you find the right path for you and your business, to help you take your business to that next level, to help you monetize your dream, and most importantly I am here to help you love the life you live.

I have designed this group for the person who is an entrepreneur at heart but needs some tactics and skills to become truly successful. It is for the person who wants more. It is for the person that wants a life they have been dreaming of. It is for the person who wants to grow themselves and their business.

What if you could tap into a source of incredible tactics

and strategies to propel you forward?


What if you could live the life you dream of?


What if you could make money (good money)

doing a job that you love?


What if you could wake up and put your

entire being into something that matters?


What if you could simply just do amazing things

every day because you were in control of your life?


What if you could be the person

God created you to be?



I’m offering you a ticket to do just that. We are about to set sail on the journey of a lifetime and I want you to be part of it.

The Catalyst 100 was designed to empower, motivate, and grow you into a successful entrepreneur. It is designed to help you build out a better framework for success at the same time as dealing with your greatest struggles that are unique to you. I’m going to focus on creating a waiting list for your service based business, how to create a sales funnel and capture leads, how to follow through with the customers and clients you gain, how to monetize your skills and expertise, the difference between a target audience and your niche, how to network, customer service, and so much more. Every month you will have access to me as your personal coach via a private Facebook group. In addition, I will be hosting monthly group conference calls, leading question and answer sessions, pushing out training videos, and helping you focus on creating results!

I will be charging $197.00 a month for this, but I have an incredible offer for the 48 Days Community.

Anyone who signs up between now and October 4th
will pay only $48.00 a month.

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I’m throwing in a free 1 to 1 strategy session
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FYI – This is a $150 value by itself.

To recap:

I’m offering you the following benefits:

access to a private Facebook group (value $100)

access to a monthly group coaching call (value $100)

access to monthly training specifically geared for entrepreneurs (value $150)

and most importantly

monthly videos based on the groups biggest struggles

(priceless, but we will value it at $150).

A $500 monthly value!!!

Then I’m throwing in a free 1 to 1 strategy session too (additional $150 value)!

Ask yourself how much is taking control of your business worth?

How much is growing your business worth?

How much would you pay to overcome the obstacles
you face daily as an entrepreneur?


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