Are you who you need to be?

Are you the person that you need to be???  Most of us are human and like all other humans we are flawed.  We allow human nature and the path of least resistance to stunt our personal growth and development.  We act as “adolescents” when we should should be “grown ups” in our professional lives.

One thing that hugely impacts my future success and the majority of my past successes is that I imagine what I would have to look like to be successful in that specific endeavor.  How does that “John” look, dress, and act?  What actions does this “John” have to do to be worthy of success?  What changes in my personal life have to be made and what do I have to stop doing so that I can be that person?

Tomorrow is built on the decisions of today.  Go make some life changing decisions today!

Catalyst John, Business, Entrepreneur, & Solopreneur Coach

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