Virtual Assistants w/ Trivinia Barber | Episode 57 : The Catalyst John Show


Trivinia Barber, Priority Va


Today, Trivinia joins us to talk about how a virtual assistant can change your business & your life!

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Guest Bio: 

Trivinia Barber is the owner of Priority VA, a business with the goal of enabling women who dream to remain in the workforce after childbirth to achieve their professional goals.  She contracts with virtual assistants to provide services to a variety of clients across the country. Speakers, authors, physicians and bloggers seek the services of Trivinia and her team to unburden them from the tasks they aren’t good at or don’t have time for so they can focus on what they do best.
Trivinia is a mom of 3 children, a foster parent and passionate follower of Christ who believes that if you honor Christ with your life and put Him first in all things, you will receive the desires of your heart.  Trivinia lives in Colorado with her husband of 12 years, Chris.

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