I still believe…

As a kid, I truly believed in Santa Claus. I was that guy that was completely 100% sold out to the big man. Christmas was the most exiting time of the year. Thirty years may have passed, but in my heart I still believe. This may sound odd since I have been the hands and feet of jolly old “Saint Nick” for over a decade as a father to my boys, but it is true. I still believe.

I believe because I met Santa at my house one Christmas Eve many, many years ago.. I was asleep, heard something, and came out of my room to investigate! I’m not kidding when I tell you I met Santa in person. (FYI – this wasn’t a dream.) Even though my parents later told me that the “secret” about Santa and how the presents end up under the tree, I still had this belief in my heart. Remember, I had met him and talked to him.

Years went by and one night my parents are telling a Christmas story about me. Apparently, we went out to dinner or a party (or something) as a family and ended up coming home late. Now our neighbor would dress up at Santa and visit the neighborhood kids, but this year we missed it. When they got home, they carried me into the house since I fell asleep on the drive home. However, the neighbor saw us pulling into our driveway, decided to throw on the suit, and come over as Santa. He knocked at the door and my parents woke me up. I walked to the front door and talked with Santa in a half sleep / half awake state.

Some would think that learning the truth about what would happen would cause me to stop believing in that meeting, but it didn’t. No matter what happened that night, I still have a magical memory. Santa may not exist, but a neighbor who was willing to sacrifice his time for me as a kid did exist.

I choose to believe in the magic of the season. In fact, I choose to believe in each and every one of us. Love your family, love your friends, and love your audience this season and throughout the new year. Each and every day that you wake up, make sure you express your gratitude to those closest to you and the multitude who support your business. Serve them well.

The magic isn’t in Santa, but simply in how we choose to treat those we interact with.


Merry Christmas,

Catalyst John