Resistance is real…

You have got to be kidding me!

For twelve long years, I have struggled with being overweight. I struggle daily with the fact that I am fat and I am physically weak. I have always used the excuse that I’m an intellectual or some other garbage to excuse myself for not being a man’s man. I’m not a man’s man and I’m definitely don’t have a “man” card in my wallet. I have no interest in a “man cave” unless it comes with a Kindle.

Unfortunately, I have lied to myself a lot. I don’t care if I ever become a man’s man or if my weight is approved by that weird BMI scale; however, I do care about the man that my heart and soul desires to be.

There is an analogy of the sheep dog. It is the protector of it’s herd and even though it appears to be as cuddly as a teddy bear, it will risk its life to protect every single sheep it is responsible for from every wolf attack. It will stand firm and will never retreat.

I had no clue why I signed up for the Law Enforcement Academy back in 1999, but I now realize part of it was that sheep dog mentality. They do not seek violence, but the do live to protect those that they love. I believe that is the warriors heart. He or she does not do this for any reason other than an intense desire to serve those in their community.

And that is why I must no longer live this comfortable lifestyle even though my warrior career is over, my heart desires the strength and discipline that goes with physical fitness.

On Saturday, I turned 38. I’m neither old nor young…I’m just a guy that has lived on this planet for 38 years. Over the weekend, I reflected on the choices I made and the places I have reached. I was reminded that there is a warrior’s heart beating in my chest. It is weak and it is atrophied, but it is there nonetheless.

Therefore I committed to changing how I view my health. I enjoyed some delicious birthday cake and then set down to truly commit to a change.

This morning, I woke up to start a new journey: I’m going to lose about 70 pounds over the next twelve months in addition to a whole lot of jogging, pushups, and pullups. My favorite commitment is attending a zombie run at the Guardian Center in Perry, GA in October.

On Sunday, my friend Moss gave a sermon about how there is a price to pay when you commit to something. We sometimes forget that our commitment will cause us pain and sacrifice. Our choices are easy, but the cost of our choices is a completely different story. My commitment to achieve this was so easy from the comfort of my house.

This morning was day one of my commitment. March 23th and everything changes. I woke up at sunrise and began my day reading a book on my Kindle. Then I got up and grabbed the running clothes I laid out last night. As I began to tie my shoes, I felt the first drop of rain.

You have got to be kidding me!

Remember that at the beginning of this blog. I haven’t even tied my shoes and my commitment is being tested. I have to dash back into the house and grab a Ziplock to protect my phone and my Couch to 5k voice prompts.

I do not even make it a block before I’m completely soaked. I am wet and cold and I still am in my warm up walk for the C25K program.

I did make it through the walk/jog intervals and made it home a wet mess. I was present in the moment and committed to the workout. I simply chose success.

The successful don’t do what is enjoyable; instead, they do what is required.

My choice to lose 70 pounds in one year means nothing. However, my how I chose my respond to those activities that are required of me to lose that 70 pounds is priceless.

May your year be ten times as amazing as the one I’m planning on making mine!

Catalyst John