Who is the fool???

I have been thinking and thinking about what I would tell the world today.  Finally it hit me.  Today I want to highlight integrity and character.

It is “April Fool’s Day” and in my opinion those who use this day for practical jokes are just that…Fools.

Do you really want to start off today with a blemish on your integrity and character?  Personally, I want to live a life where there is no question or doubt about my words.  I want to teach others to be successful and do not want to allow even a “holiday” to taint my integrity in the least.  I live to uplift and encourage others not play with their emotions.

I will never forget one of these pranks in which a man of integrity lied to his entire tribe about a huge blessing for his organization.  That one joke did not destroy his organization, but it is not today what it was back then.  It may seem little at the moment, but you never really know the impact your words will have at the time you say them.

So, I am having an incredibly productive day and not playing the part of a fool.

– Catalyst John

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