Shark Tank Podcast with Ellory Wells (#70)


Ellory Wells, Business Coach


Ellory Wells joins us to discuss the latest episode of Shark Tank (S6E8) with The Natural Grip, Priority One Canine, Man-PACK, and Bottle Breacher. Ellory was a blast to have on the show as we talked about the pitches, Maker’s Mark sweaters, lumpy mail, Expression by Barb, the Millionaire Messenger, and so much more.


Guest Bio:

He is a business coach who helps empower and equip entrepreneurs to take their offline expertise and turn it into a successful online business. In 2009, he was laid off from a job and 5 years later, he was fired from another one. Through these experiences he learned a lot about building a successful business, the value of having a mastermind, and how to be successful. Check him out at

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