Are you making the right decisions?

This question is not about whether or not you are choosing the right option.  This question is are you asking the right questions.  Seriously, are you spending time making decisions that actually matter?  Are you deciding on choices that will have a legitimate affect on your future?  Are you deciding to do the right activities each and every day to create the future that you want?

I want to challenge you to make sure that you are choosing to decide on the right things and then choosing the right option.

The big things are obvious, but it is those little things that cause us the most trouble.  This blog is inspired because of my breakfast.  No one gets fat because of one breakfast.  Everyone who is carrying too much weight got there because of daily choices that compounded over months and / or years.  I had a choice this morning to eat what I wanted to eat or to to eat what I should eat.  When I take a step back and ask what would be best for my mission in life, the answer is simple:  I need to eat or drink a healthy breakfast that is quick and will not only help me live a long life, but will help me stay focused and sharp for the day.  Therefore today I started off with some juiced veggies and fruits.  I have an apple (Fuji, my favorite) when I get a little hungry later.

We are bombarded by decisions every day.  However, most of the ones we focus the most time and effort on are not good for our lives.  In the last year, did it matter what TV you bought?  Do you spend more effort planning out your vacation week than any other of the 52 weeks in the year?  Do you spend more time scheduling your life around that tv series than the books you need to read?

So make decisions to help you prosper.  I would love a nice hot bacon and cheese breakfast sandwich, but it is not going to get me to where I need to be today, tomorrow, or the day after that.

– Catalyst John, Small Business Expert & Coach

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