Does Your Brand Freak You Out? with Mike Loomis!


Mike Loomis, Branding Expert


Mike joins us to talk about his new book Brand You New and branding. We discuss your value proposition, branding, & platform (plus a lot more).

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Guest Bio:

We’re not designed to go it alone. I ignored that truth for years… personally, and in business. I’ve started and sold two businesses, relaunched myself many times, and learned a lot – sometimes the hard way! But my biggest learn was that I was unfulfilled. When I started helping others launch and grow their dream projects, things finally clicked. I’m a strategic partner to businesses, bestselling authors, global nonprofits, publishers, as well as start-ups, and aspiring messengers. I’m a manager and literary agent. My logo shows two links hooked together, and that’s a symbol for the type of working relationship I’ve been privileged to share with my clients. (…the connected part, not the “chained” part…) My blog is inspired by these great dreamers. Depending on your needs, I’ll bring in members of my team with international experience in PR, video, and more. My solar-powered wife and I live in Winter Park, Colorado – which is an amazing place to plan your launch!

Every person, and every organization, needs outside perspective, experience, and gifts that others bring.

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