What car will you be driving off the lot?

I live in a unique place and as I walked out my door on Saturday morning, I was in the middle of one of the largest car shows in the country.  As I walked by these beautiful, immaculately clean, and gorgeous rides I was thinking about what T. Harv Eker would describe as my “financial thermostat”.

If any of those cars I walk past are outside of the realm of possibility in my mind, then my “thermostat” is set too low.  We should never think “I wish!”, but instead think of what will it take to be the person that has the keys to any of our dream cars.

You may want to immediately back away because you aren’t a car person, but each of us (even the non car people) have a car they would love to own.  However, this can be the house, airplane, or boat that we dream about.

My challenge to you is to take a picture of the car that you love.  I’m talking about the car that turns you head when it drives by and the car that you will pull off the side of the road to walk up and look at it.  Next write down a commitment to own that car within three years of today!

I, _____________, will be the owner of a (color), (year) and (model) on October 21st, 2016.  I will commit to becoming the man (or woman) that is successful enough to buy this car cash and drive off the lot without ever looking back.

Next…  (FYI – this is the hard part and where 95% of the population fail.)  Write down the differences between you and the future you that owns the car of your dreams.  Once you are aware of what you must change, you have to write down the actions that it will take to become that person.

Finally, start the first action and do not stop until you are in the driver’s seat!

Only one in twenty individuals will complete this.  Will you be part of that 5%?

– Catalyst John, Small business expert and coach

FYI – I’m the guy that helps you create the action steps to make your dream a reality.  Feel free to contact me if you want more success in your life.