Special Shark Tank Podcast #65


Guest JV Crum III, Conscious Millionaire

@jvcrum   consciousmillionaire.com

JV Crum III joins us today. I met JV, aka the Conscious Millionaire, at Podcast Movement 2014. The guy is smart and has a real business savvy that you don’t see as much in the entrepreneurial world.

He joins us to discuss the pitches by Jungle Jumparoo (www.junglejumparoo.com), The Caddy Girls (www.mbcaddygirls.com), Red Dress Boutique (www.reddressboutique.com), & Sun-Staches (www.sunstaches.com).

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Guest Bio:

J V Crum III, JD, MBA, became a self-made entrepreneur millionaire in his twenties. He is a best-selling author, keynote speaker, certified business coach, licensed attorney, serial entrepreneur, Huffington Post Columnist on conscious business, and is host of the #1 Ranked “Conscious Millionaire Podcast”, which is broadcast M-F. He is the Founder and CEO of Conscious Millionaire Institute LLC, a global entrepreneur business coaching, training, and wealth-product business.

Find his book, the Conscious Millionaire at Amazon.com and download his First Millionaire Manifesto at http://consciousmillionaire.com/


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