Shark Tank Podcast (S6E4)



Guest Athena Moberg, CPC & Sexual Abuse Mentor


Athena joins us to talk about ABC’s hit show Shark Tank! The fourth episode this season (#604) features FunCakes Rental, Paper Box Pilots, Tablejacks USA, & Reviver.

Guest Bio:

Athena Moberg shares hope through her blog and her weekly live show on YouTube.

Athena is a full- time entrepreneur who mentors sexual abuse survivors. She co-founded The #NoMoreShame Project, which lends a platform to other abuse survivors who desire to have the courage to share their stories of hope and survival with the world.

Athena speaks and writes about “real life that’s not always pretty”… Her specialties are: parenting for abuse survivors, business & entrepreneurship,  hope, healing, and faith over at

Follow her on Twitter @AthenaMoberg and @NMSProject.

 Athena’s first book, Volume 1 of an anthology series, is set to release November 17, 2014.


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