Legal Disclaimer

My job is to show you opportunities and systems for success. I offer you advice on how to work hard and achieve what you desire most; however, nothing I offer is a get rich quick scheme.

The bible says it better than I could…

Wealth from get-rich-quick schemes quickly disappears;
    wealth from hard work grows over time.”

Proverbs 13:11 NLT

I make no promise that any of my advice, tools, and / or anything else I do will change you life. Only you can change your life, but my goal is to set you up for success and help you achieve more success than you believe is possible. You must apply the principles and systems and you must do the work. Some will succeed and some will not because of the decisions they make as individuals. Success appears to never be comfortable, but I will choose the rewards of success over comfort any day.

Even though I can make no promises, one statement I can make without hesitation is that my mission to is base my success on your success and that means I am here to serve you as best as I can day in and day out.

My foundation and security is based on the Lord himself and I hope yours is too.

– Catalyst John

FYI – Everything above basically means I cannot make you any monetary promises or guarantees.