How many people can fire you???

I was intrigued by this line of thought.  Is it safer to be an entrepreneur because less people can fire you???  If you work for a business, then the leader of the organization can fire you at his or her discretion.  One person can take away your job.  However, if you run a business then the only your customers can take away your job.  You should have hundreds of individuals investing a small part of their income into your business and therefore no one person can cause you to lose your job.  (Well, except for you!)

Just a friendly reminder – make sure that your goal every day is to give your customers (clients) a reason to invest their hard earned money into your products and / or services.  Make sure that they receive value that is greater than what they pay.  Always follow up with them and reinforce that you care about them as a person.  Live this way and you will never run out of customers.


Lead well.

– Catalyst John