Have you named your day yet?

Most people think that today is Tuesday.  I disagree.  Correction – I fervently disagree!

You do not need to think of today as “Tuesday.”  Instead, you need to name it.  Today is “I am going to set a PR on that 5k day!”  Today is “I’m going to land that customer at 9:30 am day!”  Today is “I’m going to write that blog and actually publish it day!”  Today is “I’m going to propose to the love of my life day!”  Today is “I’m going to leave work early and head to the park with my kids day!”  Hopefully for some, today is “I’m launching my business today day!”

Today is…

Figure out what today is to you and name it.  Now go out there and make some things happen!


Catalyst John, Business & Entrepreneur Coach

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PS – Don’t forget about tomorrow…  It’s not Wednesday, because you have a much better name for it.


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