God doesn’t change even when our circumstances do.


I just love the power of scripture.

Tonight, I am reminded how God does not change during or by our circumstances. Somehow, we rationalize that we can trust Him when all is calm, but we fail too often to trust Him when things are anything but calm.

In Joshua 3, God is directing Joshua to have the priests walk into the Jordan river which is overflowing its banks. Overflowing is such a calm word, but as I’m reading my Every Man’s Bible commentary, I see a different word – “flooding.”

Flooding has a different ring to it. It sounds more like the priests were to wade into a rapid, flooding river that could wash them away with ease.

It reminds me of the time Peter walked on water. In matthew 15, Peter has enough faith to actually step out of the boat; however, he was distracted by the high waves and began to sink.

In both of these circumstances, God was in control and our faith should not waver when the river is flooding or the water is rough.

Seek His face in all circumstances. Trust in Him and His path no matter what things look like around you.


Have faith,

Catalyst John