Do you know your story?

Do you know your story?  I’m not talking about your history and / or your past.  Instead, I’m talking about  the story that is inside of you screaming to be written!

Each and everyone of us has a story that is waiting for us to release it into the world.  Most of our stories have names like Legendary, Audacious, Unbelievable, Impossible, and / or Inconceivable.  These stories have a life of their own; however, we hold them prisoner.

It is time to start penning you story.  You can be the author to the greatest tale that has ever been written.  I don’t want you to wait until you become successful to write your story.  Instead, I want you to start writing it today.  Today, you have permission to write your own introduction.  Tomorrow you start on chapter one and every day after you get to write the future that you desire.

What is your story?

– Catalyst John, Small Business Expert & Coach