Do you have high energy but no focus?

How many of you have a great energy but no focus?  In other words, how many of you have a steady stream of great ideas, but you never actually complete them?

How many planned on finishing that book last week, but never did?  …planned to launch that podcast, but never recorded it?  …planned to write that book, but never finished chapter one?  …planned to gross a $100k last year, but never broke $45k?  …planned to be living that life you dream about, but are still dreaming about one day?

Well, today is your day.

Just stop planning to do this or to do that.  Instead, today is your day because you get to pick one of those things that matters to you most and you get to go do it!

Step one…

Write down all your ideas.  Every single one of them.  Drain your brain of every single idea that it has running around up there!


Step two…

Cross out the garbage.  We both know that a lot of our ideas sound much better in our head then when written out on a piece of paper.  So get rid of the garbage.


Step three…

Circle the ones that you truly want to accomplish.  These are the ones that you are going to stick to and finish them if you actually start.

You know have you list.  Write this list onto a new sheet of paper and then date the paper.  You now have timestamp of when you drew a line in the sand and where you are going to start controlling your future.


Step four…

This is the hardest of all the steps, but the most important one if you want to achieve success.  Pick one.  Yes, just one.  Highlight the one.


Step five…

Do it!  Write down a list of everything that it will take to accomplish this one finite goal.  Then do the first steps and keep working through the steps until you complete it.  If you show up everyday to work on this goal you will create momentum and you will achieve it sooner than later.

What are you going to go achieve?

– Catalyst John, small business expert and coach