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Episode 12 : The entrepreneur and money…

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Today’s fleece…


I am a foolish man!


Wouldn’t it be nice to finally quit trying to act like the guy (or girl) your clients want and start acting like the one they deserve?


Knowledge is not the same as discipline…




“All I know is I’m not home yet, this is not where I belong.” – Building 429, Where I Belong


“…prove it to me in this way. I will put a wool fleece on the threshing floor tonight. If the fleece is wet with dew in the morning but the ground is dry, then I will know that you are going to help me rescue Israel as you promised.” – Judges 6:37 (NLT)


“In the house of the wise are stores of choice food and oil, but a foolish man devours all he has.” – Proverbs 21:20 (NIV)



“No discipline seems pleasant at the time, but painful. Later on, however, it produces a harvest of righteousness and peace for those who have been trained by it. – Hebrews 12:11 (NIV)




Get Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University


Get the Richest Man in Babylon (one of my favorite books on finances)

My 2014 Goal List

Primary Goals:

  1. Become one of the elite coaches…one of the 5%!

  2. Have a full “book” of clients & a waiting list! (see goal #5 of Millionaire Messenger goals)

  3. Have a successful podcast with paid sponsors!

  4. Host a monthly teleseminar / webcast!

  5. Run a mastermind group!

  6. Speak @ a Dan Miller event!

  7. Live in NYC!

Brendon Buchard’s The Millionaire Messenger” Goals:

  1. Create & sell a “low-priced information product!”
  2. Create & sell a “low-priced subscription program!”
  3. Create & sell a “mid-tier-priced information product!”
  4. Create & host a “high-tier multiday seminar!”
  5. Create a “high-priced coaching program!”

Bonus Goals:

  1. Speak @ the same event as Gary Vaynerchuk!
  2. Host a Catalyst Cruise / Business Seminar! (think Dave Ramsey’s EntreLeadership Master Series events)
  3. Host a Halloween Horror Nights live event with VIP Tour!
  4. Coaches’ Boot Camp!
  5. Write an ebook!
  6. Self publish an ebook from the public domain!

– Catalyst John

What are your goals??? I’d love for you to tell me in the comments section!

Achieving Your 2014 Goals

Hey, it’s Catalyst John and I want to make sure that you start of your year right. We all set goals for the new year and we all have ambitions for a great 2014, but not everyone accomplishes their goals. The issue is that just having a goal does not equal achieving a goal.

The number one “problem” is that most people do nothing in addition to writing down their goal. This simply does not work because it is almost like wishing upon a star. Instead, I want to empower you to create “bite size” actionable steps that you can accomplish. Before you know it you will have crushed your goal and you will be moving onto the next one that you want to conquer.

How do I know that this works? Simple… I use it myself to achieve unbelievable results. At the end of 2013, I knew that I was burned out and had to leave my career of the last 11 years. I set an ambitious goal to quit my job and launch out on my own. Here is what happened: In December, I resigned and took a month long vacation (oh, it was incredible)! Next, I went to train with Dan Miller of 48 Days in January. By February I landed my first client and by March I was building up my business. Next thing you know and in May a local business leader is blogging about how I’m an expert in helping others grow their businesses. In about 120 days, I went from a nobody to an expert because I had huge ambitious goals and I had a system for achieving my goals.

I want to make sure that you have no excuses and therefore for the first time ever I am offering Goal Strategy Sessions for only $97 in January. (FYI – You would normally pay $197 for this).

You will receive direction, motivation, & accountability for just $97 because I want to make sure that 2014 is a year to remember!

Here is a testimonial from one of my clients:

“Catalyst John” is an appropriate name for the business coach whom I consider to be a “catalyst” in my business. Before becoming a client of John’s I lacked direction and consistency in making the necessary things happen in my business to get me to the next level of success on both the production and financial side, which ultimately go hand in hand of course. Seeing John weekly helped to hold me accountable for goals that I was setting for myself and to keep me on track until I had developed the skills and discipline necessary to stay on track independently.

A big part of my business includes workshop events that I put on at least once a month. My events had gotten to a point where people were not showing up and they were becoming a financial burden. John gave me some very sound advice that helped to save me money on the cost of my events and increased the ticket sales to my events. The very first event in which I implemented John’s advice, I made more money than I had from any of the events that I had put on the previous 7 months!

If you are looking for a business coach who possesses the knowledge and skills to help jump start your business or even refresh your business that may be getting a little rusty and needs that slight edge, then I highly recommend Catalyst John. Sometimes we just need that extra push and/or a fresh point of view in order to get us to the next level of success. John genuinely cares about his clients and seeing them succeed.


Jill Smith, Health Coach

If that doesn’t do it for you, were you aware that my coaching is described as “impressive” by New York Times Bestselling Author Dan Miller?

Please click here to schedule your strategy session!

Click here to take the next step in achieving your goals!

~ Catalyst John, Small Business Expert & Coach

Thank you

May you and your family be blessed beyond measure!

May you and your family be blessed beyond measure!

This week’s blog is simply a thank you.

I sincerely thank you for all of your support of my desire to help others live more successful lives.

May your family and friends be blessed beyond measure!

– Catalyst John

Do you have high energy but no focus?

How many of you have a great energy but no focus?  In other words, how many of you have a steady stream of great ideas, but you never actually complete them?

How many planned on finishing that book last week, but never did?  …planned to launch that podcast, but never recorded it?  …planned to write that book, but never finished chapter one?  …planned to gross a $100k last year, but never broke $45k?  …planned to be living that life you dream about, but are still dreaming about one day?

Well, today is your day.

Just stop planning to do this or to do that.  Instead, today is your day because you get to pick one of those things that matters to you most and you get to go do it!

Step one…

Write down all your ideas.  Every single one of them.  Drain your brain of every single idea that it has running around up there!


Step two…

Cross out the garbage.  We both know that a lot of our ideas sound much better in our head then when written out on a piece of paper.  So get rid of the garbage.


Step three…

Circle the ones that you truly want to accomplish.  These are the ones that you are going to stick to and finish them if you actually start.

You know have you list.  Write this list onto a new sheet of paper and then date the paper.  You now have timestamp of when you drew a line in the sand and where you are going to start controlling your future.


Step four…

This is the hardest of all the steps, but the most important one if you want to achieve success.  Pick one.  Yes, just one.  Highlight the one.


Step five…

Do it!  Write down a list of everything that it will take to accomplish this one finite goal.  Then do the first steps and keep working through the steps until you complete it.  If you show up everyday to work on this goal you will create momentum and you will achieve it sooner than later.

What are you going to go achieve?

– Catalyst John, small business expert and coach

Do you know your story?

Do you know your story?  I’m not talking about your history and / or your past.  Instead, I’m talking about  the story that is inside of you screaming to be written!

Each and everyone of us has a story that is waiting for us to release it into the world.  Most of our stories have names like Legendary, Audacious, Unbelievable, Impossible, and / or Inconceivable.  These stories have a life of their own; however, we hold them prisoner.

It is time to start penning you story.  You can be the author to the greatest tale that has ever been written.  I don’t want you to wait until you become successful to write your story.  Instead, I want you to start writing it today.  Today, you have permission to write your own introduction.  Tomorrow you start on chapter one and every day after you get to write the future that you desire.

What is your story?

– Catalyst John, Small Business Expert & Coach


Secrets of the Millionaire Mind by T. Harv Eker

If you want a blueprint for how to think like a rich person and therefore create the results of a rich person, this book is for you.

“Did you know that most rich people think in very similar ways?”

I normally use the word “successful” instead of “rich”, but this is a core concept that I believe in and have seen to be true time after time.  This book, Secrets of the Millionaire Mind is filled with great concepts that explore how to reprogram your brain to be able to acquire wealth, keep it, and use it to build the life of your dreams.

Personally, I have to add this to my list of must read books!

One of my favorite quotes is in Your Money Blueprint and its by Stuart Wilde:

“The key to success is to raise your own energy; when you do, people will naturally be attracted to you.  And when they show up, bill ‘em!”

– Stuart Wilde

The book quickly dives into how your create your own income bracket.  Some of us have “thermostats” set for broke and some of us have ours set for billionaire.  I’m not sure about you, but I know at which end of the spectrum I’d like to be.

The book reminds us to be intentional and to truly commit to the path that we choose.  Too often, we are or we know someone who “chooses” to be more or do more, but never actually does anything.  This book challenged me to change my thought from “choosing” to “committing”.  I know that when I truly commit to something in my life, I accomplish it.  It took me three days to finish this book (a Thu, Fri, and the following Monday).  It was easy because I was committed to finishing it.  Eker defines commitment as devoting “oneself unreservedly”.  If we just “choose” to do something, we can also choose to do something else when staying committed to our choice becomes uncomfortable.

Another great part of the book is where the author Eker concentrates on how the “rich” have the mindset “It will work because I will make it work”.  If you want to be successful, you must overcome every obstacle, excuse, and distraction.  Those who are successful do not give in or give up.

One other thing that I am compelled to point out is how he is of the mindset that created wealth is not about greed.  “Money will only make you more of what you already are.”  Being rich does not mean that you have done bad things or oppressed the poor.  However, being rich does give you opportunity to help those who are in need, to give your time to causes you support, and so many other things!  “Wouldn’t it be more effective for you to create wealth for yourself and then be able to really help others from a place of strength instead of weakness?”

You get the privilege of creating your own future.  The life you live is a direct result of the choices you have made.  If you want to invest in yourself and grow to be a wealthier person, then I highly suggest that you pick up this book and apply it to your life!

– Catalyst John

Click here to buy a copy of the book… Secrets of the Millionaire Mind

Alex and the Leadership Dojo

The Leadership Dojo

The Leadership Dojo

My friend Alex has a podcast series that you should definitely check out.  He has made it to new and noteworthy and was at #4 in the Careers Podcast category on iTunes.  He has posted interviews with Dave Logan, Drew Dudley, Kyle Maynard, & David J Morris.

Check it out at http://alexbarker.org/category/podcast/


– Catalyst John, Small Business Expert & Coach

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I’m that catalyst…

Do you want more from your life? Did you know that it really is possible to live an incredible life?

The best way to predict the future is to create it. – Peter Drucker


I’m that “catalyst” that everyone is talking about. I specialize in working with people that want to achieve new and higher levels of success in their personal and professional lives.

My coaching is designed to create an environment in which you will receive the following:
1. Motivation – It is nearly impossible to not become energized when you are working with me.
2. Accountability – You will no longer be alone and I will be there to help you stay on course.
3. Direction – You will have a written plan that will guide you in creating your new future.
4. Goals – You will have a set of clear and understandable goals.
5. Achievement – We will create systems for success in your business and your life.
6. Knowledge – I will share my expertise, the wisdom I have caught, and my knowledge with you.

When you decide to change your life forever, I will ask you to fill out a questionnaire and we will schedule our first meeting. I want to find out where you are in your journey and where you want to go. Once we know where you are on the map and where you want to go, we can start to plot a course for you to reach your destination.

You are the Captain of your “ship” and I am the guy who will help you navigate the raging seas of entrepreneurship. Are you ready to pull out of the harbor? If yes, please click here to start a conversation with me.

– Catalyst John, Small Business Expert & Coach

A ship in harbor is safe, but that is not what ships are built for. – John Augustus Shedd

you don’t know me

Saw this on an add for what appeared to be for Olympic Team GB / Adidas:

You don’t know me

You don’t know anything about me.  You don’t know

what I’m made of or just how much I’m capable of.

You don’t know where I’ve come from nor where

I’m heading.  You know nothing of my highs or my lows.

You don’t know how fast I am, how strong I am,

how resilient I am.  You haven’t got a clue what

breakfast cereal I eat, what fragrance I wear, or

who I’m dating.  You don’t even know my name.

But you will


Could someone describe you like this?  Do you have so much belief pouring out of your heart and soul that you could stand on a platform and scream this out to the world?  Are you living a life worthy so that people should know who you are and what you do?

If there is a yes to any of those three questions, then cry out to the world that they will know you sooner than later!


– Catalyst John, Small Business Expert & Coach

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