The Sacrifice

At some point, you decided that you were going to achieve a result, but you never did. You did intentionally commit to doing what needed to be done, but it never actually got done – so what happened?

Your plan failed because you didn’t plan for the sacrifice.

It sucks, but it is reality.

I believe that everything has a cost. A better description may be a weight – everything has a weight and we don’t get what we want because we don’t offset the weight.

Imagine a scale. Now imagine putting a specific result on one side of the scale. That side of the scale will drop under the weight of the result.

Success is when you offset the weight of the result. You have to put something heavier (something that costs more) on the other side of the scale. Success is when you sacrifice something out of your life to achieve the result you want.

– Catalyst John

What multiplies your expertise

I am part of the “expert industry.” One of my biggest goals is to be an expert. I study to be an expert. I read to be an expert. I schedule my life around being an expert.

Therefore, I find it interesting (and possibly ironic) how some “experts” try to avoid being “the expert.”

An expert shouldn’t tell you that they are an “expert.” (The secret is to let others through a testimonial – they seriously have this whole system). Note: I shouldn’t even tell you that I am part of the “expert industry” – bad play on my part.

In private the experts strive to be the best possible expert, but in public they try to be humble and say that they are just like you (even though you are trying to be just like them).

But there is another side to this.

The other night, my wife and I were blessed to be the dinner guest of Lady J. (FYI – she is an amazing expert.) We went to an amazing restaurant at the recommendation of a friend. I may have had the best steak of my life.

We were welcomed by a very friendly host and escorted into an amazing dining room. The waitress was amazing. Her level of service was top level. The chef plated food that was beyond belief. Everything about the atmosphere was designed for an amazing meal.

The employees of this restaurant were experts, but they were also servers. The host, waitress, kitchen staff, and chef were all about serving us an amazing dining experience and meal.

I praise great service, especially from a restaurant. I don’t get upset when they strive to be experts at service.

This is where you rise above the rest and distinguish yourself and your business. When you multiple your expertise with service you create more for your clients to embrace.

Take some time and make sure that your business is focused on being customer-centric. Even though mastery of your industry specialty is always going to be a huge focus of your business, you also must consistently spend energy focused on the customer.

The way to explode in business is to make sure that your business model is designed around your clients. Become an expert on how you serve your clients.


– Catalyst John


Forging a new path


A lot has happened since I launched my coaching business. One of the things that happened is I abandoned this web site and my web presence / social media. I had an idea that I needed to change the direction of my business to better serve my clients. Instead of doing that, I dropped the ball and never came back to this web site.

My site needs an overhaul because I have changed my direct focus of how I serve my clients. Over the next couple of weeks and months you should see a change. I personally am very excited about the change that is coming.

I believe that the most authentic version of me serving my core audience is being developed and will continue to develop over the next six months.


– Catalyst John

I’m sorry, but failure does not make you more successful.


I hate this insanity and propaganda of how you just need to fail more.

Stop it, please.

No one failed himself or herself to the top. Our “celebrity” entrepreneurs we love and admire refused to quit. Yes, they messed up and failed, but it wasn’t their failures that made them stronger. Instead, it was their resilience. They persisted to the top. Once again, they did not fail themselves into success.

“No longer will I dwell in a pit of despair, moaning over squandered time and lost opportunity. I can do nothing about the past. My future is immediate. I will grasp both hands and carry it with running feet…

I do not fear failure, for in my life, failure is a myth. Failure only exists for the person who quits. I do not quit.

I am courageous. I am a leader. I seize this moment. I choose now.”

 – Andy Andrews

Anyone who encourages you to fail is helping you take your eyes off of the target. No one in their right mind would want to fail on purpose.

If you believe in them, then make sure you don’t fill up your gas tank the next time the low fuel light comes on. One morning you will fail to get to work on time because you ran out of gas. You will overcome it, but it will not make you stronger because you never needed to overcome that adversity.

So instead of focusing on your next fail, skip this ridiculous trend and go do something to get you closer to your dream.

When you do fail, get up quickly and brush yourself off. Then continue to focus on the realization of your dream instead of your next failure. It is about how you push through failure and not how many times you fail.

 – Catalyst John

Voices for Vets with Submariner turned Entrepreneur Bill Nowicki (#69)

Guest Bill Nowicki

Bill Nowicki, Submariner


Former submariner, Bill Nowicki, joins us for our second Voices for Vets Podcast episode. We talk about his military experience and how he has become an entrepreneur and podcaster. #Voices4Vets

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Amy Dennis, Nice Branding Agency, talks to us about branding | The Catalyst John Show


Amy Dennis, Nice Branding Agency


Today, Amy joins us to talk about crafting a brand around your company’s uniqueness! She explains how branding isn’t just a logo and a whole lot more!

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Guest Bio: With heels as high as her expectations and a wardrobe with more tutus than a two-year-old, Nice Branding owner Amy Dennis lives and breathes all things branding. Amy fills her days with meetings and mock-ups and moves into mommy mode at night. She has a special way of leading her team to create brands that exemplify the uniqueness of a company. There’s no music sweeter to her ears than the joy in her clients’ voices when they love the work they are presented, that is, unless it’s a song sung by Kenny Chesney.

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The amazing virtual lunch…

Earlier this week, I hung out for the first time with @ellorywells and had an awesome time.  We enjoyed a virtual lunch since Ellory is in the Central Time Zone and I’m in the Eastern Time Zone. I’m hooked and I want to do more of these! If you are (or want to be) a coach or entrepreneur and would like to hang out with me for a virtual lunch click the link below to schedule it.

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– Catalyst John

New things…

Over the next 90 days, I hope to see some real significant changes around here. You will hopefully notice them too. So if you are curious why the site looks weird or is changing it is simply because I am trying to inject those new changes into this web site.

Thanks for your time and patience.

– John