Are You Living Or Existing?: 9 Steps to Change Your Life

One of my favorite book styles is the one in which the author writes about his or her own personal journey. (My other favorite style is the parable.)

Kimanzi does a great job of capturing the struggle and emotional journey of changing your life. I have never enjoyed the opportunity to sit across the table from him, but after reading his book I feel like he is an old friend. Friendship is created when you share life and when you read his newest book you will do just that.

I quit my career in law enforcement on 12-12-2012. It would have been nice to read this book years before I took that step of faith. I was sick of “existing” in a career and life that was just miserable. (I actually just ate breakfast this morning with another cop and he mentioned how I was a great cop. Just because you are good at what you do, it doesn’t mean it is the right path for you. Too many of us struggle because we are too good at a life that eats away at us.)

Even though I have completely changed my life and I’m enjoying my life like never before, this book still had an impact on my life. I want to move to NYC. I think I desperately want to move is a significantly more honest statement and that is where the book hit home with me. I’m trying to move too fast.

If you don’t have it all together yet, it’s okay to take a little more time to get things in line. Have you ever rushed a big project at work? How did that turn out? On your journey you have learned to plan, you have taken whole months with your planning; what makes you think now is the time to rush into something before you’re ready?

I’m going to go back to working the plan and allow the work to bear the fruits I desire. As Brian Tracy would say, it is time to put my head down and get to work.

I will leave you with one last quote from the book…

Don’t give up! Even when it seems like no one else is joining the movement, don’t give up! Even when it seems like no one else is listening, don’t give up! Even when people make fun of you and think it’s ridiculous what you’re doing, DON’T GIVE UP!

– Catalyst John


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