Be the best!

I want you to make a decision to be the best in your field or industry. List out the top seven things that you need to do to make that change. Think about the experts at what you do and what are they doing that makes them great, think about what your customers want most from you, and/or think about what you know you have not been doing that you need to be doing to separate yourself from the rest of the pack.

Always remember one key point. We want to always stay true to ourselves. Remove any “masks” that you put on that are not true to yourself. Know what others are doing to succeed but do not become a carbon copy of them. Just do it differently and better because you are staying true to your unique personality.

Write out your list…


Now start with the first one and become the best at what you do. It is seriously that simple.

– Catalyst John, Small Business Expert & Coach

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