Are you uniquely you or are you just mimicking everyone else?

I love being me!  I want to remind you to love being you!  I recently hired a branding agency and what sold me was that they were uniquely themselves.  I liked their design work and had faith in what they did, but their general email is “holla@” (email edited to prevent them from being spammed).  That simple email address showed me their personality and how they would be a good mesh with my company’s personality.

A lot of people do not realize that your uniqueness is a hugely vital part of your company’s success.  Anyone could hire you; however, what if you made them want to hire you!  Don’t be a carbon copy of anyone else.  Be true to yourself and go out there and make sure your tribe falls in love with you!

FYI – I’m referring to Nice Branding (

Catalyst John, Business & Entrepreneur Coach

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