April’s Foolishly Low Priced Coaching Package!


I am not a fan of April Fool’s Day. I don’t like pranking my clients. Instead, I want to reward my clients and so I sat there yesterday going how would I do a reverse April Fool’s…what could I do that would be unbelievably awesome. All of a sudden it hit me…

April’s Foolishly Low Priced Coaching Package!

I’m going to take my premier VIP coaching package and offer it for just $225 / month. Normally, you would pay $500 / month to get VIP coaching, but not today!

Why did I pick $225? Instead of picking a random number, I went back to day one! Pay my day one rates for the most incredible coaching opportunity.


I launched Catalyst John for entrepreneurs just like you. Everything is about moving you to the place where you are to the place you want to be most!

This package is designed for you if you think the following thoughts…

I started my business so I could help others.

I have invested my heart and soul into this business.

I have an awesome service that delivers an awesome value to my customers.

My business is going great and looks great to everyone, but truthfully I work way too hard for the amount of profit I make.

I know the potential that my business has, but I’m not sure how to take the next step to grow it.

I’ve been there and remember asking myself the question of “How do I grow really grow my business?” I began to devour everything about running a successful business and learned the keys to success that every entrepreneur needs to know and master.

If you are wondering why would you want to invest $225 a month into your business, the answer is because this investment is a key to the door of opportunity for you and your business. Each of us can do amazing things, but sometimes we need a guide. I have been exactly where you are and in 2012, I leapt from dream stage to making my deepest desires a reality. I met with my coach, Dan Miller and began a journey and have never looked back. I learned the power of coaching and I use it to transform my client’s futures.

I’m the guy who can guide you to a level of success you have never reached before in your business. I have spent countless hours researching what makes one entrepreneur more successful than another, but more importantly, I have focused on what creates amazing momentum in your unique business.

In addition,

I once was described as the guy that inspires you to take massive and immediate action. I love this description because it is what I live for. I want you to quit struggling and take the exact actions that will create the exact results you desire most. I will help you focus on the purpose behind your business, the right strategic plan, and help you open the door to unleash massive profit.

purpose. plan. profit.

If you want that, then I encourage you to invest in your business today by applying to be one of my few new clients that will get this amazing rate. I just need you to tell me who you are and answer five simple questions by clicking here.

Take Immediate Action FOR YOUR BUSINESS!

Invest in your future here.

My coaching is designed to create an environment in which you will receive the following:

  1. Motivation – It is nearly impossible to not become energized when you are working with me.
  2. Accountability – You will no longer be alone and I will be there to help you stay on course.
  3. Direction – You will have a written plan that will guide you in creating your new future.
  4. Goals – You will have a set of clear and understandable goals.
  5. Achievement – We will create systems for success in your business and your life.
  6. Knowledge – I will share my expertise, the wisdom I have caught, and my knowledge with you.

In addition, I like to make sure each of my clients understands:

  • how your unique personality affects your business,
  • your specific why,
  • your ideal client,
  • your irresistible product,
  • what missions and targets to focus on,
  • how to create a sales engine,
  • what your sales cycle should look like,
  • understanding the best “sales” dialogue for you,
  • how to network, and
  • how to run a profitable business.

– Catalyst John, Business Growth and Launch Strategist



A struggle I experienced prior to the coaching session was determining was to monetize the brand and now I have clear direction on how to move past it.

– Jen Moff, The Jen Moff


The very first event in which I implemented Catalyst John’s advice, I made more money than I had from any of the events that I had put on the previous 7 months!

– Jill Smith, Juicing with Jill

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an agent that provokes or speeds significant change or action

{cat·a·lyst john}

the entrepreneur’s secret weapon

48 Days Certified Coach | Catalyst John

It’s really been a blast to watch how quickly you got in the game. You know that is a real key thing. I mean just getting the head knowledge is one thing, but to be able to put feet to the floor and take the action. Not everyone does that. Man, you have been a blazer, a trailblazer in doing that. I commend you on that.

– Dan Miller, NY Times Best Selling Author and Coach