Achieving Your 2014 Goals

Hey, it’s Catalyst John and I want to make sure that you start of your year right. We all set goals for the new year and we all have ambitions for a great 2014, but not everyone accomplishes their goals. The issue is that just having a goal does not equal achieving a goal.

The number one “problem” is that most people do nothing in addition to writing down their goal. This simply does not work because it is almost like wishing upon a star. Instead, I want to empower you to create “bite size” actionable steps that you can accomplish. Before you know it you will have crushed your goal and you will be moving onto the next one that you want to conquer.

How do I know that this works? Simple… I use it myself to achieve unbelievable results. At the end of 2013, I knew that I was burned out and had to leave my career of the last 11 years. I set an ambitious goal to quit my job and launch out on my own. Here is what happened: In December, I resigned and took a month long vacation (oh, it was incredible)! Next, I went to train with Dan Miller of 48 Days in January. By February I landed my first client and by March I was building up my business. Next thing you know and in May a local business leader is blogging about how I’m an expert in helping others grow their businesses. In about 120 days, I went from a nobody to an expert because I had huge ambitious goals and I had a system for achieving my goals.

I want to make sure that you have no excuses and therefore for the first time ever I am offering Goal Strategy Sessions for only $97 in January. (FYI – You would normally pay $197 for this).

You will receive direction, motivation, & accountability for just $97 because I want to make sure that 2014 is a year to remember!

Here is a testimonial from one of my clients:

“Catalyst John” is an appropriate name for the business coach whom I consider to be a “catalyst” in my business. Before becoming a client of John’s I lacked direction and consistency in making the necessary things happen in my business to get me to the next level of success on both the production and financial side, which ultimately go hand in hand of course. Seeing John weekly helped to hold me accountable for goals that I was setting for myself and to keep me on track until I had developed the skills and discipline necessary to stay on track independently.

A big part of my business includes workshop events that I put on at least once a month. My events had gotten to a point where people were not showing up and they were becoming a financial burden. John gave me some very sound advice that helped to save me money on the cost of my events and increased the ticket sales to my events. The very first event in which I implemented John’s advice, I made more money than I had from any of the events that I had put on the previous 7 months!

If you are looking for a business coach who possesses the knowledge and skills to help jump start your business or even refresh your business that may be getting a little rusty and needs that slight edge, then I highly recommend Catalyst John. Sometimes we just need that extra push and/or a fresh point of view in order to get us to the next level of success. John genuinely cares about his clients and seeing them succeed.


Jill Smith, Health Coach

If that doesn’t do it for you, were you aware that my coaching is described as “impressive” by New York Times Bestselling Author Dan Miller?

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~ Catalyst John, Small Business Expert & Coach