30 Days of Hustle : Day 13 : Self Discipline or lack of… : CJS013

Episode 13 : Self discipline or lack of…

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Knowledge is not the same as discipline…

“the undisciplined are slave to moods, appetites, and passions.” – Steven R Covey

Self discipline is how you work when no one tells you what to do…

How to maintain self discipline…

Pareto Principle / 80-20 rule…

“As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.” – Joshua 24:15 KJV

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2 thoughts on “30 Days of Hustle : Day 13 : Self Discipline or lack of… : CJS013

  1. John- You got me on e-mail and reading books and magazines as not being work. E-mail are the biggest time sucker for me and I may even be addicted to checking e-mail! You got me thinking on what is real work and how to prioritize that. Social media is another one.

    • Awesome! FYI – I’m just podcasting to myself some days (…most days…lol).

      PS – Wait until you add how many downloads your new podcast had to your list of addictive things to check on the computer!